I was really excited to get this e liquid on my coils as fast as i could. The smell test was unbelievable. To review this correctly I started with fresh coils and fresh cotton, there is nothing like a fresh build.

The Inhale; I could taste the natural kiwi right away. The kick was very sweet and sugary. The strawberry sour belt was a bit hidden in the background, but nonetheless extremely satisfying.

The Exhale; This was my favorite part of the liquid. The kiwi faded to the background and the strawberry sour belt notes came forward. Its almost like i could the taste the sugar on the belt with each vape.

If you love strawberry sour belts, this liquid by far the closest it comes in vape form. I’ve tired many other similar types of  e liquids and OMG WTF blows everything out of the water. Its definitely The Original Strawberry Sour Belt.

Get OMG WTF Strawberry Sour Belt HERE 15ml $11.99

Get OMG WTF Strawberry Sour Belt HERE 30ml $21.99

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